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Öğrenci Gündemi, öğrencilere yönelik kapsamlı bilgi paylaşımları sunar. KPSS, YKS, LGS'den çıkmış sorular, ders notları ve daha fazlası için doğru adrestesniz. 


Öğrenci Gündemi, öğrencilerin tüm eğitim hayatı boyunca akademik ve sosyal hayatına katkı sağlayan bir web sitesidir. Öğrenci Gündemi web sitesi tüm sınıflar için ders notları, çıkmış sorular, kitap önerileri ve birçok kategoride eğitim hayatınıza kat sağlayacak bilgiler vermektedir.

After our adventurous night hike to the lake, we got to stay in this floating cabin for one whole weekend. It was so peaceful and refreshing. Even though rowing is hard work, it is really romantic and worth the effort. The early spring weather was definitely not good for a swim, but I just could not resist a quick dip.

Who says that a traveler can't get lost? It happens more often than you might think. But as a result, you'll have the greatest stories ever. To make sure that you'll stay on the safe side of things, I am going to share these 10 tips that will make your moments of being lost in the wilderness cool and perhaps even enjoyable.

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